Osteoporosis and What You Need to Know about This Condition


Osteoporosis is one of the many conditions that bother everyone, especially women with advanced age. This condition is a type of disorder wherein the bones generally become so thin and breakable, making it difficult for you to walk. In worse situations, osteoporosis may lead to permanent disability and even death. Other possibilities that could happen when this condition worsens are severe back pain, bone injuries, and deformities that will require hospital confinement.

Now what are the causes of osteoporosis? One of the main things that are considered a factor in developing this bone condition is of course, the age. Since osteoporosis is considered a degenerative disease, age growth is a major thing that may lead you to developing this kind of condition. In particular, men and women who age forty above are considered high risk for osteoporosis. The more you age, the more your bones become less dense and more fragile, therefore people who marks the age of 40 above may likely be prone to osteoporosis.

Another factor that may cause you osteoporosis is the gender. Osteoporosis is noted to be more common in women because women start with lower bone density than men and they lose bone mass more quickly as their age progresses which leads to osteoporosis. Sources say that women who age between 20 and 80 lose one-third of their hip bone density. Women’s estrogen also plays a very important role with regards to the development of osteoporosis because estrogen acts as a protection against bone diseases. When a woman reach the point of menopause, her estrogen levels decline. Therefore, chances of developing osteoporosis increase.

An unhealthy diet is also considered a risk factor in developing this bone condition. If you don’t consume foods that are loaded in vitamins and minerals, then you are prone to developing osteoporosis.

Now, how can you prevent osteoporosis? There are tons of ways on how to get rid of it. You just have to be disciplined and keep the following in mind:

  1. Exercise your bones daily.

Nothing beats a good exercise of the bones. Like your muscles, your bones tend to get tougher and healthier when you constantly work them out. Perform weight-bearing exercises since these are noted to be great exercises for the bones. Certain weight-bearing exercises include aerobics, stair climbing, Yoga, dancing, jogging, walking, running, and playing tennis. Strength training also does wonder to your bones, so also consider doing this.

  1. Pay attention to your diet.

If you regularly take enough vitamins like Calcium and Vitamin D which are great for the bones, then you are also lowering your chances in developing osteoporosis. Also make sure that you eat foods that contain low amount of fat. Also restrict yourself from consuming dairy products with excessive amount of fats. Go for calcium-fortified juices and foods such as soy milk, cereal, and tofu. In addition, opt for dark green vegetables like broccoli and kale.

  1. Avoid drinking alcohol and quit smoking.

Smoking and alcohol are noted to decrease bone density so it’s good to just stay away from these vices in order to protect your bones against osteoporosis.