NPR Blows the Whistle on the Invention of Osteopenia


NPR Blows the Whistle on the Invention of Osteopenia

Experts have been saying that osteopenia is an ailment which the drug companies have invented in order to sell their drugs. Recently, NPR has come up with an informative article where they have put forward few interesting facts in relation to this matter

Giselle Grayson was the person who conducted the research on this topic for NPR. In her article, she has written how Benghauser and millions of other women like her have been using the pills for osteopenia from all over the United Sates. In this article, we will tell you what she has articulated the role that the drug companies play while in the process of evolution of a disease

In the year 1992, osteopenia experts from all over the globe got their heads together in order to set a treatment standard for this ailment. They met in Rome and were trying to address one particular question, which was how much of bone loss after the age of 30 can be considered to be risky as far as women are concerned.

They discussed this matter for 3 long days. Since they were leading nowhere, one of them drew a line and said those who are on the wrong side of the line have a disease. The term osteopenia was coined by them right there, on the spot.

Immediately after this news broke out, women from all over the worlds felt that they have a disease and were looking to get it treated. Now, those whose bone’s density is negligibly lesser than a 30 years old feel that they have osteopenia are being medicated for the same. These women are petrified that they might end up having broken bones.

Merck released a new drug in the year 1995 which claimed to cure osteoporosis. However, nobody seemed to be interested. So what they hired a marketing expert to market this so-called revolutionary drug. This marketing expert decided that there should be cheaper machines for bone testing in the doctor’s chamber. He then created a fake company which was non-profit in nature and tried to take control of those companies which were manufacturing machines for bone testing. Merck did a lot of double dealing and arm twisting in order to make this happen.

This ploy worked quite well as far as Merck was concerned. Now most of the women in the USA, who were found to have any abnormalities with their bones were diagnosed as a patient with osteoporosis and were treated with a drug which had severe side effects and is not at all reliable when it comes to preventing fractures.

In the report, it has been stated that an overwhelming number of American women who been diagnosed with weaker or thinner bones are being treated as a patient of osteoporosis. Whereas weakening of bones is a normal thing to happen after a certain age.

Later on, Merck ran different commercial advertisements to promote their drug which is supposed to cure osteoporosis. In this commercial, they deliberately featured young women to portray a different picture altogether.

It can be concluded by stating that these drugs are harmful and have severe side effects. Doctors here have a role to play. They must do a thorough research on the medicines before they prescribe it to any of their patients. It is up to them to make sure that the claims made by the drug companies are true and they mustn’t swallow their lines. The fact that there are numerous instances where the drug companies have been accused of frauds and cheats should make the doctors more aware and careful.

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